NASA Hubble Space

Telescope Project


May - July 2016


A publication combining information and editorial design to explain the Hubble Space Telescope's key achievements to date. In this case a book on the Hubble Space Telescope's five servicing missions that were launched between December 1993 and May 2009.


The servicing missions were delicate operations that aimed to achieve regular servicing and equipment upgrades. The book is designed with an evolving layout with pages getting larger after every servicing mission; thus creating a metaphorical sense of completion in terms of the Hubble's finished upgrades in 2009.



Samuel Beckett Royal Court

Theatre Posters


May - July 2016


A series of four A1 posters announcing a short season of Beckett plays at the Royal Court.


Samuel Beckett's plays and his writing have strong themes of time, life, existentialism and how he believed time acted like a flat circle and everything was just an ‘endless cycle of our lives’. My research looked at singularity diagrams based around the 'beginning of time' and theories/maths equations based around the big bang. The research and visual imagery based around these findings influenced the visual aesthetics of the four posters.


Japanese Subway

System Infographic


May - July 2015


This book is a collection of data based on the Tokyo subway system and its 13 main subway lines. Taking data such as number of stations the line stops at, daily rider ship, length of the line and what year the line was made the books deals with info graphics in an editorial format.


Individual pages represents a year from 1927 to 2016. You can tell when a station was made by the page number it first appears. The horizontal length of the page represents how long the line is. Each page has length of 2.5 km. The longer the line is the more pages the line passes through. Each square represents a station that the line passes through. The size of the square represents the daily ridership of the overall main line as a whole. The bigger the square, the bigger the daily ridership. The colours of the squares represent the actual colours used by the Tokyo Subway system.

Tetrahedron Project


May - July 2016


A series of nine A3 posters that come together to make one single larger poster that focuses on elements taken from the themes symmetry, message and patterns.



A project that involved researching and 'triangulating' three different themes by exploring certain common elements or characteristics.  Taking 'symmetry, message and patterns' the project revolves around a hundred taken photos based on the 'rule of thirds' in photography with the theme of symmetry. Placing these photos on a poster made up of nine A3 posters, the photos were cropped down to show only certain areas of their photos.